This does not look fun to me. (Image: BPPhotography/Flickr)

I’m not a fan of cold weather golf. Does anyone really enjoy it?

I was reminded of this fact on Saturday. The plan was to play nine holes with my father-in-law and two family friends on Saturday morning. After my morning run, in 24 degrees no less, I started figuring that golf might be unlikely. The high was supposed to be around 40 degrees.

Sure enough, when we got out to the course, the greens were still frozen and the wind was still whipping. The course was closed. Even if the course was open, who wants to play in that?

Other than the ocassional family outing, I pretty much avoid playing golf this time of year. Between November and March, I probably play twice. I find it painfully unpleasant. My shots travels shorter distances, my hands sting after every shot, and my scores generally suck.

Besides all of that, there’s just plenty of football to watch.