Who thinks Kevin Costner looked like a better golfer? (Image: andrew .larimer/Flickr)

You can’t make this stuff up. Really. You can’t.

Spike TV, perhaps you’ve heard of it, is about to begin filming a comedy starring John Schneider (you might know him as Bo Duke). The catch? Schneider plays a washed-up U.S. Open champion attempting to make a comeback. The show will be called The Back Nine.

But since Spike TV figured that a golf comedy starring Bo Duke was unlikely to make much noise, they upped the ante. Schneider’s character will have a sex-addicted caddy named….wait for it…Tiger.

The show has supposedly been in the works long before Tiger’s world came crashing down. But I don’t believe it. It’s an easy way to get cheap publicity for what will probably be a crappy show that lasts a few episodes.

I don’t think I even get Spike TV on DirecTV. So you guys will have to tell me how bad this show sucks.