Word is that Derek Jeter has a pretty good game. (Image: espn1040tampabay/Flickr)

Spring is in the air.

It’s been a brutal winter here in Nashville, so I have to admit that, though I love winter, I welcome the warm temperatures.

With the 60 degree temps comes familiar spring sounds: the “tink” of the driver and the “pop” of the glove. The Masters is right around the corner, and Spring Training is well underway. I love it!

So the cool folks over at the Golf Magazine website have a pretty groovy feature. The popularity of golf is down until Tiger returns, so why not take advantage of baseball’s popularity?

They have a huge section of great content that compares many aspects of golf and baseball:  the swings, pro golfers that love baseball, pro baseball players that love golf, great courses in Spring Training cities, and all kinds of other swell stuff. And they are not even paying me to say this! So you know it’s pretty cool.

If you’re like me and you love golf AND baseball, then check it out here.