One of the greatest shows in the history of television wrapped things up on Sunday night, culminating—in my opinion—with one of the best finales I’ve ever watched. Lost is over. And, man, that makes me sad.

Hope. Redemption. Forgiveness. All of the main characters on this character-driven show found what they were looking for at the end. Not every question was answered, but that was never the point of Lost in the first place. If you stayed with Lost until the series finale and somehow expected everything to tie up in a pretty bow, then you missed the point.

I was thinking about some of my favorite episodes yesterday, and a cool golf-related episode (“Solitary”) from season 1 came to mind. Most of the group was living in a cave at the time, and Hurley—the show’s primary comic relief—found some old abandoned golf clubs.

Stuck on an island with nothing to do, Hurley builds a makeshift golf course. Hilton Head golf it is not, but the course provides some stress-relief for the castaways.

The video I posted is not from the actual episode, but it’s a pretty funny extra feature—with Jin, Hurley, and Michael. Jin loses his mind after missing a putt. Hilarious stuff.


Word is that Derek Jeter has a pretty good game. (Image: espn1040tampabay/Flickr)

Spring is in the air.

It’s been a brutal winter here in Nashville, so I have to admit that, though I love winter, I welcome the warm temperatures.

With the 60 degree temps comes familiar spring sounds: the “tink” of the driver and the “pop” of the glove. The Masters is right around the corner, and Spring Training is well underway. I love it!

So the cool folks over at the Golf Magazine website have a pretty groovy feature. The popularity of golf is down until Tiger returns, so why not take advantage of baseball’s popularity?

They have a huge section of great content that compares many aspects of golf and baseball:  the swings, pro golfers that love baseball, pro baseball players that love golf, great courses in Spring Training cities, and all kinds of other swell stuff. And they are not even paying me to say this! So you know it’s pretty cool.

If you’re like me and you love golf AND baseball, then check it out here.

Your golfing options are limited in Times Square. (Image: Robert Bruce's iPhone)

So the wife and I just got back from a trip to New York City.

We did about everything we could possibly do in three-and-a-half days. It was the total tourist experience.

Two Broadway shows (Phantom of the Opera and Memphis), three incredible dinners (I would HIGHLY recommend Babbo, owned by Mario Batali of Iron Chef and Food Network Fame), the Empire State Building, NBC Tour, Double Decker tour through the whole city. The list could go on forever. But suffice to say that we were busy the whole time.

That said, for all the exciting things there are to do in Manhattan, I was struck by the lack of golf options. In fact, there aren’t any.

Yesterday, I googled “Golf in Manhattan” and found a course in Manhattan, Iowa and a lounge in New York City called “The Country Club.” Of course, there’s the occasional golf store, but golf just doesn’t exist on the island.

What a pain that must be for golfers. I’m just imagining the inconvenience of hopping on the subway (clubs in tow), PATH, or even driving to another course off the island.

When I lived in Atlanta, I think one of the main reasons I didn’t play much golf was because it was just a pain in the butt to fight traffic on a weeknight to play. Fourty-five minutes of traffic for 45 minutes of range practice just wasn’t worth it after a busy day at work.

So I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be a golfer in Manhattan. But I guess if you live in Manhattan, you have more important interests.

So what do you do if you want to play golf and you live in Manhattan?

This does not look fun to me. (Image: BPPhotography/Flickr)

I’m not a fan of cold weather golf. Does anyone really enjoy it?

I was reminded of this fact on Saturday. The plan was to play nine holes with my father-in-law and two family friends on Saturday morning. After my morning run, in 24 degrees no less, I started figuring that golf might be unlikely. The high was supposed to be around 40 degrees.

Sure enough, when we got out to the course, the greens were still frozen and the wind was still whipping. The course was closed. Even if the course was open, who wants to play in that?

Other than the ocassional family outing, I pretty much avoid playing golf this time of year. Between November and March, I probably play twice. I find it painfully unpleasant. My shots travels shorter distances, my hands sting after every shot, and my scores generally suck.

Besides all of that, there’s just plenty of football to watch.

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iphone_05This is my final iPhone app post for a while, but this one’s worth it.

The PGA Tour released an iPhone app just in time for the Fed Ex playoffs.  The app looks, well, really cool–with live scoring, LIVE VIDEO, course profiles, video highlights and a lot of other snazzy stuff. And it’s all free! These apps with live video are about as good as it gets. Keep up with all the likely anticlimactic Fed Ex Cup playoff action.

The iPhone is the greatest creation in history. Other than creation itself, of course.

Download the PGA Tour app here.

tigertraxThanks to Scott over at Tiger Trax, I got a heads-up on this nifty little iPhone app.

If you’re a big Tiger Woods fan, you will want this application. For just 99 cents, you can follow all of Tiger’s stats real-time, hole-by-hole, and round-by-round.

You can even keep up with his historical progress. One page of the app is dedicated to tracking his progress in breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record of major championship wins.

Sure, this is something you can find on most sports apps that track stats, but Tiger Trax provides it all in one place. Not a bad idea.

Check out Tiger Trax in the App Store.

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