If you’ve read much of this blog, you know I’m a diehard Georgia football fan. So when I read this story today, I thought it’s a perfect fit for my blog…or as my friend Byron puts it, perfect “fodder”.


Image: UGA Sports

Anyway, a former University of Georgia football player is making a run at pro golf. An oddly written, and strangely titled, article  in the Tallahassee Staff Democrat explains that former UGA running back Tony Milton is pursuing his dream of playing pro golf.

Ninety percent of my readers could probably care less about Georgia football, so hopefully I’m not alienating anyone. But it’s an interesting story: former college running back pursuing pro golf. If Milton actually has game, then it would be a great story down the line. But the article tells us nothing about Milton’s golf game; it focuses more on his football time at Georgia.

In what is the longest introduction in the history of journalism, we find out, in the last sentence of the article, that Tony has played in some Hooters Tour events and done “well.” Who knows what that means. The article sure doesn’t tell us.

Milton was Musa Smith’s backup at UGA. When I think of Milton, I think of the toss sweep play on 4th down against Tennessee in 2002 during Georgia’s SEC title run and near perfect season.

It was the play that clinched the game. And, without a doubt, was the loudest I’ve probably heard Sanford Stadium during one single play…that moment he got out into the open and we knew he had the first down.

Anyway, so there you have it, for what it’s worth. A former college football player pursuing his dream. The Hooters Tour, and mini tours in general, are as tough as ever right now. So Tony has his work cut out for him.

I have no idea just how good “well” is, but a 75 isn’t going to get you squat on the Hooters Tour. A 70 average isn’t going to get you squat. You gotta bring it. If I hear any more information about Tony’s pursuit, or just how legit this is, I’ll post it here.